🔍Sourced Labels

ChainArgos automatically aggregates address labels from over 200 publicly available data sources, and combines that with our own data and analytics to verify and generate "Sourced Labels."

Besides publicly available data sources, ChainArgos also tracks social media, news reports, police investigations, national security bulletins, OFAC sanctions notices, and thousands of other public databases to develop "Sourced Labels."

While every effort is made to verify, crosscheck, and validate "Sourced Labels," blockchain address labeling is an ongoing research effort that is often heavily assisted by grassroots contributions.

Conviction Level of a Label

Occasionally, a "Label" where a higher level of precision may be lacking, will be marked with question marks.

A single question mark indicates that there are some doubts as to the precision of the address "Label."


More speculative address "Labels" are indicated by a series of three question marks.


Blockchain address labeling is not a precise science, and where ChainArgos marks Labels with question marks, such Labels ought to be treated with a degree of caution, and attempts to independently crosscheck and verify such Labels should be made by users.

Label Corrections

If you notice an incorrectly labelled wallet or smart contract address, please notify ChainArgos at:


and we will investigate the matter further.

Contribute to our Database

If you would like to provide wallet and/or smart contract tags, to contribute to the existing database, please email us at:


your contribution could help to prevent the next illicit transaction.

Thank you for your help.

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