Emojis help draw attention to wallet labels, which make for easier identification of addresses that require further investigation.

ChainArgos does not assign emojis to all Labels, except those which are significant and recurring. Sourced Labels may also contain emojis, for instance where they are used by the Ethereum Name Service.

Standard ChainArgos Emojis for Labels

🔴- Blacklisted by token issuer (e.g. Tether, Circle)

🟢- Removed from blacklist by Tether

☢️- Blacklisted individual or entity (blacklisted by government authorities, e.g. OFAC)

🔥- Burn address (usually accompanied with a "null" label)

🔒- Custodian

🪙- Token issuance smart contract (e.g. Circle, USDD, TrueUSD)

🏦- Exchange

➡️- Forwards tracked tokens to a specific destination

📉- Market maker

🔄- Mixer / Mixing Service

🧿- Native token

👤- Scammer / Hacker / Ransomware

♻️- SunSwap trading pairs

🥷- Terrorist

🥇- (Gold) Top 10 Wallets for that Metric

🥈- (Silver) Top 11 - 50 Wallets for that Metric

🥉- (Bronze) Top 51 - 100 Wallets for that Metric

⚙️- Wallet factory - an automated smart contract that creates wallets

🐳- Whale - a large holder of that specific token

You can also use emojis to search for ENS (Ethereum Name Service) wallet labels that use them as well. Just copy and paste the emoji in this window:

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