✍️Customizing Your First "Look"

Following on from our example of "Exploring Your First Look", we'll be looking at how you can edit an existing "Look" to make it your own.

1. "Explore from Here"

There are two ways to edit an existing Look:

  • "Edit"

  • "Explore from Here"

"Edit" is not recommended as your settings will override the existing Look.

Instead, and especially if you're editing someone else's Look, use "Explore from Here".

Once you've selected "Explore from Here" the "Explore" ◀ Tron ▶ sidebar appears.

You can edit the Look adding or subtracting fields based on your intended query, but all queries will still be on the Tron blockchain.

2. Editing Fields

The pre-made Look was exploring the relationship (if any) between USDT minting on the Tron blockchain, and the price of bitcoin.

But what if you care about USDT minting on Tron's relationship (if any) with the price of ether?

First, let's remove the "Token Prices Avg BTC Price" field.

There are two ways to remove a field:

  1. clicking on the gear ⚙️ in the fields column and selecting "Remove" from the dropdown; or

  1. going to the relevant field and clicking on it to deselect that field.

Now let's add the Avg ETH Price instead by clicking on it.

You'll notice the "Token Prices Avg ETH Price" now shows up at the last column and replaces the "Token Prices AVg BTC Price".

You can change the position of any column by clicking at the title bar and dragging it to your desired sequence.

Notice how there are no prices in the "Token Prices Avg ETH Price" - that's because we have to click on the "Run" button to apply our new field.

The existing Look now displays USDT minting on the Tron blockchain, with average ether prices overlaid.

3. Making the Look Yours

Now that you've edited the Look, it's time to make it yours.

  1. Click on the gear ⚙️ button at the top right hand corner of your screen.

  2. Click "Save..."

  3. Select "As a Look"

There you have it!

You've successfully edited your first "Look" and made it your own.

To get even more value out of DashArgos and to familiarize yourself with the available options, try editing existing Looks, or construct the same Look on a different blockchain, to get practice on how the platform works.

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