Advanced Filters

To add an advanced matches filter, select "matches (advanced)" from the filter's drop-down menu.

In the text field, enter your filter expression.

Filter Expressions

Filter expressions in DashArgos are not case-sensitive.

To enter a special character in a "matches (advanced)" filter, first add a leading carat ^. For example, to filter on hamas, terrorist, you would enter hamas ^, terrorist.

Example Filter ExpressionDescription


is equal to "foo" exactly (not case-sensitive)

foo ^, bar

is equal to either foo or bar, exactly


contains "foo" in any part of the result, matches with "buffoon" and "fast food"


starts with "foo", matches "foolish" and "food" but not "buffoon" or "fast food"


ends with "foo", matches "buffoo" and "fast foo" but not "buffoon" or "fast food"


starts with an "f" and ends with "od", matches "fast food"


string is empty (has no characters) or is null (no value)


value is null


is not equal to "foo" (is any value except "foo"), matches "pizza", "trash", "fun" but not "foo"

-foo ^, -bar

is not equal to either "foo" or "bar", but matches any value except "foo" and "bar"


doesn't contain "foo", does not match "buffoon" or "fast food"


doesn't start with "foo", does not match "foolish" or "food"


doesn't end with "foo", does not match "buffoo" or "fast foo"


string is not empty (has at least one character)


value is not null

foo% ^, bar

starts with "foo" or is "bar" exactly, matches "food" and matches "bar", but not "barfood"

foo% ^, -food

starts with "foo" but is not "food"


has any single character followed by "uf", matches "buffoon"

Custom "User Attributes"

Your DashArgos system administrator can configure user-specific values called "user attributes" that let you automatically customize a Look and/or Dashboard for each user (optional).

To reference a "user attribute" in an advanced matches filter, use the syntax {{ _user_attributes['name_of_your_attribute'] }}.

Custom "User Attributes" are a DashArgos option, please contact ChainArgos to find out more about customizable "user attributes".

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