🎯Getting Started

Welcome to DashArgos, the world's most powerful blockchain intelligence platform. Get started with exploring and analyzing blockchain transactions here.

Getting started with DashArgos is easy, so don't be overwhelmed by the seemingly countless options available to you, they'll make more sense and can add much more value as you grow accustomed to using the platform.

In this section, you'll learn about:

1. Under the Hood

DashArgos is built atop Google Cloud's Looker, one of the best Business Intelligence tools available.

While DashArgos documentation guides you through specific configurations ChainArgos has made for its DashArgos implementation of Looker, more generic documentation on Looker can be found here:

Google also provides a series of on-line free tutorial classes for those that prefer that approach:

2. The Basics

Terms such as "Looks" and "Dashboards" will be used throughout this documentation, here's the difference between "Looks" and "Dashboards."

2.1 Looks

Looks are saved visualizations, single visualizations, created in the "Explore" section of DashArgos and are used to understand and analyze data.

Looks can be shared and reused in multiple other dashboard implementations.

2.2 Dashboards

Dashboards are multiple Looks combined on a single page.

Dashboards allow you to place multiple tables or graphs or Looks on one page, so that you can get a quick view of the related content. If you like, you can also make Dashboards interactive, for instance with dropdown selectors, so users can filter them down to the specific data they are interested in.

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