Customizing Filters

Custom filters let you write the fields, constants, functions, and operators for your desired filtering.

DashArgos also lets you build an expression that evaluates as TRUE or FALSE. When you run the query, DashArgos only returns rows for which that condition is TRUE.

The AND/OR filters enables you to group and use AND/OR filter logic without having to manually create filter expressions.

To get OR Logic

Type multiple conditions into the same filter, separated by commas. For example, today, 7 days ago means "today or 7 days ago".

To get AND Logic

Type your conditions, one by one, into multiple time filters.

For example, you could:

  1. put into a "Block Times" Block Written Date -> is on or after -> (absolute) -> 2018/01/01 filter;

  2. then put "Block Times" Block Written Date -> is on before -> (relative) -> 2 days filter.

  3. This would mean "January 1st, 2018 and after, AND before 2 days ago".

AND / OR Logic Combinations

AND / OR logic can be used to create sophisticated filters to zoom in on a specific data set.

By clicking on the AND button, you can easily switch the operator to OR, and add additional filters to create a sophisticated series of AND / OR operators.

Be careful the logic you use for multiple filters does not contradict, otherwise you may get conflicting results, or possibly none at all.

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